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Build your project on EVM or WASM Blockchains.

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It doesn’t matter in which stage you are

we are here to help you all over your journey.



Participating in the ideation phase is surely something we’ll be happy to be with you. We can help you to better understand your business and see the different approaches you can have to it.


When you already have your idea, it’s time to understand technologically how it will be built. And that’s what we are specialized at.


We have a talented team of engineers who can develop your project with the best security and coding practices. The technology development is at our own risk, and you can trust we’ll deliver a high-quality product.


Thinking about building a new version for your project? That’s for sure something we can help you with.

Projects that already trust us


How we workEngagement Model

Hack-a-Chain works with Closed and Customized Scope Projects. That means that you’ll hire us to work at your idea (not a pre-engineered product) and the project will have a beginning and an end. But don’t worry about maintenance! The thing about blockchain projects is that the Smart Contracts are immutable, so you can’t make any changes at the back-end.

That’s why we are specialized in conducting as much test as it’s needed to make sure it works perfectly before we deploy it. You’ll mostly make changes at the front-end to keep improving user experience, and we’ll help you all the way throw the process of finding the right partners.

When you decide to improve your back-end, it’s time to create a Version 2 of your project, and we’ll be completely available to do that!


Our Development Process



  • Requirements debriefing

  • Smart Contract Interface

  • Data Structure



  • Smart Contract test development

  • Smart Contract implementation



  • Testnet deployment

  • Front-end testing

  • External security Audit

  • Mainnet Deployment

Build your project

Work experience with all kinds of projects in the crypto world.



Kangaroo Coin Flip is a game inside Near Protocol. The story behind this project is that our clients, Classy Kangaroos, were late at their calendar to deliver the project to the community. They had only two weeks until the deadline, and we all know that keeping up with your roadmap is a very important thing to keep the confidence on your project. The problem is that the devs they had hired couldn’t keep the necessary pace. That’s when we met them and said we would work day and night so that they could keep their promise to the community. No sooner said than done! After 2 weeks, we had fully developed the smart contract logic, containing a special profit split feature between Classy Kangaroo NFT holders, deployed the contract and, besides that, helped the front-end team so that the project could be delivered on time! The result, of course, was awesome: the best coin flip game inside Near Protocol – and it’s not us saying that, but the whole community! You can see and play the game here!

What our customers say

David Leer
Hack-a-Chain stepped up and took over development of Kangaroo Coin Flip when we needed help the most. Quickly they built out the KCF backend and fully integrated the existing front end. Comments from our auditors: 'without a doubt the best contract we've audited so far'.
David Leer

Co-Founder, Jump Dex & Trove Labs

Our Executive Team

We are a quality over quantity company. Our team is composed by top world talents that will work hard for you.


João Antônio da Veiga


Technology and Business specialist. "I decided to fully dedicate myself to create Web 3.0 when I saw that this is the biggest revolution of our time"


Rafael Krás Borges


Marketing and Business specialist. "Web 3.0 is more than a hyped technology. We are actually building the infrastucture to a sustainable social paradigm change."


Pedro Destri

Project Manager

Technology and Financial Specialist. "We are seeing the next generation of web borning in front of ourselves and we can be part of it right now."

About us

Hack-a-Chain was created in 2022, by 2 brazilian entrepreneurs that noticed a lack of professionals to help entrepreneurs developing high-quality projects for Web 3.0

  • They decided to create a software development company committed to create long time value projects along with visionary entrepreneurs.
  • Hack-a-Chain values security and quality above everything else.
  • Hack-a-Chain has the purpose to build the future, one block at a time.

We know that there is a lot of speculation around crypto and many skeptics think it has no real future. But the truth is crypto, blockchain and web3 in general are already changing the world and good projects will thrive in the long run. We want to help you build the blockchain projects of the future.

We aim to build long term partnerships, construct high-quality projects and we do believe in the projects we are working on.Let's go together?

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